For fifteen years a professional actress and director, I worked with some of the leading artists of the 20th and 21st centuries: Yoshi Oïda, Monika Pagneux, Philippe Gaulier, Ludwig Flazen, Habib Nagmouchine... I did Shakespeare, Kafka, Sophocles, and contemporary dramatists.

I was in constant awareness of the Other, of my body, of bodies, movement, voice, different traditions, the remote, the profound.

Then I chose another path, immersed myself for a year in the study of jewelry-making. Over the ensuing years, I sought materials, looking for my universe, my attitude, my point of view, a word. I opened my atelier in 2005 in Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, in the Loire Valley in France. This is where I create and show my work.

Coming to a decision about materials means there's no backing out, it's taking a real risk, but it's part of the creation process. I question myself; I have doubts.

The integrity of the material provides for real give-and-take. I need that moment, I have confidence in it and it's exciting for me; I can breathe.

I can concentrate on movement, fluidity, rhythm, imperfection, asymmetry, volume, air, light, emptiness, the past and the indefinite.